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Here’s the thing about how to stop weight gain…it’s not just that your clothes don’t fit, it’s that you feel like your expiration date has expired. You’re about as enticing as curdled milk, as productive as products marked “use before 2014”. Everything is off when you can’t get the weight off. And boy have you tried. Diet after diet. The more you think about it the more you gain. So you starve yourself. Then you treat yourself to everything naughty and delicious and calorific that you think you deserve. Then comes the guilt. You pinch, and it’s way more than an inch. Sometimes you can do everything right and still can’t stop weight gain. Something’s got to be wrong.


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It often feels like there are two distinct phases of weight loss; one where you’re losing the weight and then another where you can’t stop weight gain. If you ever feel that way, you’re in good company. There are no exact numbers, but some estimates suggest that anywhere from 80 percent to 95 percent of people who lose weight regain it. And it’s not just because they dive headfirst into mountains of Milky Ways and mint chocolate chip. As soon as you start losing weight, your body suddenly wants it all back. It can’t tell the difference between intentional weight loss and being struck by famine. It immediately goes into protective mode, lowering your metabolism and stimulating your appetite to preserve fat stores.


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When it comes to dieting, “Just Do It” turns to “Just Don’t Want to Do It”. You’ve been through the weight loss wringer and you’re wiped. Which can lead to mindless munching, too many Door Dashes, too much sugar, too many processed foods. You don’t get enough sleep. Probably because you’re exhausted from all the running back and forth from the TV to the fridge from constantly having to choose whether or not to deprive yourself—eat it, don’t eat it, eat just a little, skip it altogether. Oh, and all that running doesn’t count as cardio. Life is all so stressful, you just want to stop weight gain. Well, guess what? High levels of the stress hormone cortisol have been shown to increase hunger and your desire for highly palatable, calorie-dense foods, which can cause weight gain. We’re going to get to more of these troubling hormones in a sec.


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Starving, excess weight, excessive dieting, and not eating right can take a big bite out of your life. It could all lead to some serious issues; high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, sleep apnea, stomach problems, and a weakened immune system. You knew being overweight wasn’t good for you, but probably didn’t realize just how much.


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Your hormones, of which there are 150 or so swimming through your bloodstream, affect every cell and organ in your body controlling different functions that include weight. These hormones are thyroid, leptin, insulin, estrogen, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone, and ghrelin, known as the “hunger hormone”. It’s a delicate balance. When any of these hormones are out of balance, your body will see it. In the mirror. So what can you do about it? Well, get ready to zip those jeans up, because the answer is easy.


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The hormone experts at Thrive Health Solutions have more than 20 years of experience helping people balance their hormones in order to stop weight gain. Thrive offers a unique medical weight loss program called Thrive HCG v 3.0. This highly effective program includes safe custom-compounded HCG injections which re-set your metabolism, curb hunger and reduce appetite. Thrive has a selection of diet plans that work with each individual’s lifestyle and food preferences. But they’ll discuss it all in detail. With the Thrive HCG v 3.0 plan, you can expect to lose from ½-1 pound per day! We don’t have to tell you how amazing that would feel.

It’s time to get the body that really belongs to you. Thrive Health Solutions is exactly what you should put on your plate.



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