Dr. Simeons’ HCG Diet Denver: Melba Toast? Are You Kidding?

Dr. Simeons' HCG Diet

And so we get to another, even more draconian diet if you can believe it; Dr. Simeons’ HCG Diet. How does 500 calories sound? Fulfilling, huh?

It requires the consumption of only 500 calories daily with only one vegetable per meal and prohibited use of oil, body lotions and hygiene products. And are you ready for this? No medicines or cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder may be used without special permission. (Oh, come on, get real). The diet also does not allow exercise. Enough for Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Oh, but Dr. Simeons’ torturous diet does allow for treats; 1 whole breadstick or 1 melba toast. Do they even still sell melba toast? Do you even know what it is? Gee, this must be a great diet to eat out with friends or family. Dr. Simeons’ HCG Diet could be the quintessential fad diet. Can’t you just wait to try it?


The point is, a one-size-fits-all diet approach does not work and can be problematic to most individuals, especially those prone to black and white, all-or-nothing thinking. Categorizing foods into “good” and “bad” can lead to feelings of guilt, shame and failure when the “rules” of a diet are broken. At Thrive Health Solutions, we specialize in medical weight loss solutions like the Thrive HCG Weight Loss Diet.

Thrive’s HCG Weight Loss Program does include some of the healthier elements of Dr. Simeons’ HCG Diet, but the Thrive HCG Weight Loss Diet is a 1,200-calorie whole food nutrition plan that includes three meals and two protein snacks daily. Good-for-you food that actually tastes good. And no pre-packaged meals to purchase. 1200 calories are a far cry from a paltry 500. (Like a planet away). And even with more calories, you’ll lose weight quickly – from ½ to 1 lb. daily – without ever feeling hungry or deprived all the time. Actually, it wouldn’t be fair to just call the Thrive HCG Weight Loss Diets a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Something to stick with for the long run. Everyone loves a good success story. And this could be yours. As it is for hundreds of our happy, extremely healthy patients. Sound good? Do we have to ask?

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