Weight And Heart Disease Risk: All The Answers You’re Looking For

Weight and Heart Disease

Ok, so you’re looking for answers. But if we’re talking about the risk of heart disease and how it is affected by being overweight, maybe you should start by asking yourself a few questions first: SOME NOT-SO-FUN FACTS ABOUT HEART DISEASE AND BEING OVERWEIGHT Heart failure is the organ’s inability to keep up efficiently with […]

Weight Loss Injections: What’s New For 2024

Weight Loss Injections

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION Well, losing weight is up there again, along with improving fitness, finances, and mental health. If you have a “new year, new you” mindset, you’re not alone. 38% of people make New Year’s resolutions each year, but only 9% of people stick to them all year long. 23% quit the first week. […]

GLP-1; One Of The Best Things That Ever Happened To Weight Loss

GLP-1 for weight loss

You’ve heard all about GLP-1 (or so you think). Maybe (without question) you’ve Googled or Chatgpt’d it. You want it to do what all your previous attempts at losing those extra pounds you’ve been losing and gaining and lugging around for longer than you can remember. You want it badly.  But here’s the thing…yes, GLP-1 […]

Liraglutide vs Semaglutide For Weight Loss: No Contest

Liraglutide vs Semaglutide

The search for safe, effective weight loss treatments can seem like a never-ending skirmish that can’t be won. People forever looking to lose weight are forever looking for newer and better ways to do it. They hear something new and jump on it, not always knowing the real scoop on which is what and which […]

A Frustrated Woman’s Guide To Menopausal Weight Loss

Menopausal Weight Loss

Menopausal weight loss. Complicated issue here. Enough to make any menopausal woman even more crazy than all those other menopausal symptoms can make her. (Need we mention cranky mood, tanking sex drive, the drive-you-nuts hot flashes).  That’s why we’ll break menopausal weight loss down for you here before you want to tear your hair out. […]

Mounjaro For Weight Loss; There’s Nothing Better Than MEGALean From Thrive.

Mounjaro for weight loss

Mounjaro For Weight Loss With Thrive Health Solutions; A Pen Above Mounjaro is a once-weekly injectable medicine for weight loss that comes in a single-dose pen. But that one pen isn’t the same at every weight loss clinic. There is Mounjaro for weight loss, and then there is Mounjaro for weight loss with Thrive Health […]


#1 Weight Loss

WE’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER This is the one you’ve been waiting for; Colorado’s #1 weight loss program at Thrive Health Solutions. Trying to lose weight is often a numbers game: Enough to make your head spin. IT’S ABOUT BIOLOGY, NOT WILLPOWER The search for effective and safe weight loss treatments seems never-ending. But it’s not […]


quick weight loss

April. Spring. Summer is almost here. So are some extra pounds I could do without. Now I’m sweating about getting out my swimsuits. Time for a quick weight loss. But how? Fret not. The medical weight loss experts at Thrive Health Solutions have you covered. From head to toe, inside and out, with many successful, […]



HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT LIKE A MOVIE STAR Hollywood industry moguls, reality starlets, veteran film producers, and actors quietly sing this new drug’s praises. Hair, makeup, and styling teams for celebrities have come to accept the injections of this new wonder drug as part of grooming rituals ahead of major events. In a matter of […]



YOU CAN CALL OZEMPIC: A brand. An expensive brand. A brand with a catchy name. Ozempic has made quite a name for itself. Well, actually, a bunch of well-paid marketing people sat around in a room with bagels and coffee and the assignment to make up a name for a new “miraculous” drug. The challenge […]

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